Being the sweetheart sometimes hurts


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Germany-1500s)

  • Snow White- White: Black hair, Brown eyes


  • Evil Queen/Queen Grimhilde- White: Black hair, Green eyes


Pinocchio (Italy)

  • The Blue Fairy- White: Blonde hair, Blue eyes


Cinderella (France- Mid 1500s)

30 days of Tamora Pierce day 3 favourite male character?

Honestly I have two favourites Dom because I just love me some dark haired blue eyed sergeants and Numair I mean who can really resist his charm :)

30 days of Tamora Pierce day 2 favourite female character?

That’s a hard one I should say Kel because I read protector of the small first. However I love love love Daine she really is my favourite :)

30 days of Tamora Pierce Day 1 Tortall or Emelan?

I’m going to have to say Tortall simply because I haven’t read any of the circle books. I’ll have to check them out one day but for now my heart is fully in Tortall. :)


30 Days of Tamora Pierce

Day 1: Tortall vs Emelan
Day 2: Favorite female character
Day 3: Favorite male character
Day 4: Favorite animal character
Day 5: Least favorite character
Day 6: Favorite series
Day 7: Least favorite series
Day 8: Mithros, Mynoss, and Shakith! Who’s your favorite…


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Yes love this :)